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By Olivier Dentan
I would like to have an immediate and automatic update for zones,
after each area modification.
Not to click a button to get the result. It is confusing sometime.
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By kliment
Me too.
It's there for fills with area and is OK.
I sometimes forget to update the zones and have to preprint drawings :(
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By Matthew Lohden
What are you wishing to update?

The problem may be the zone stamp you are using. For example, there are two default parameters for the zone area. One updates instantly and the other does not. (I don't know why.)
By Olivier Dentan
After a search on a local forum, a user gave to me a zone stamp modified by himself.
It works as i expected. (immediate update when stretching with the marquee tool)

But with the zone stamps of my local v2 library (FRA), it does not.
Now i will try to compare and understand what is wrong.
My whish remains half a wish, depending, it seems, of your local version.
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By Jay Rennemeyer
I suspect the modified Zone Stamp has the following fix in it:

In the original 2D Script you will see the following code start about 22 lines from the top:

area_form="" !*** format as set in the Preferences
rrr=request ("Area_dimension","",area_form)
room_area = str (area_form, ROOM_CALC_AREA)

Change the parameter in red as follows:

area_form="" !*** format as set in the Preferences
rrr=request ("Area_dimension","",area_form)
room_area = str (area_form, ROOM_AREA)

(Thanks to Viktor Bullain for showing me this one!)
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By Matthew Lohden

it is the ROOM_AREA parameter that provides instant feedback.

There is another called ROOM_CALC_AREA which is used in the standard "Zone Identifier" part and does not update the same way. I don't what other differences there may be between the two (or even why there ARE two).
By Olivier Dentan
Thanks a lot Ray and Matthew.

This forum is a gold mine and i learn something new everyday.
Until today, i thought it was the normal way to get an update for zones.
I don't have the time this evening, I will try it tomorrow.
By Olivier Dentan
It works perfect. Great tip, thanks.
The modified zone i received has the same script correction.

I will share this on FC-CadLink, the French site,
some users will be happy to learn that.