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I'm currently using Slabs to show exterior site-work such as steps, patios, etc. as well as for the model base itself. On my demolition plan, I want to show some of the steps with dashed edges. The problem I'm having is that when two adjacent slabs are viewed in plan, their edges overlap. This results in a solid line in plan, even if both slab edge pens are set to dashed, because the dashes do not necessarily occur in the same place.

Is it possible to set ArchiCad to display only the slab edge line of the upper slab, so that this overlap does not occur? Is there another way of fixing this problem without resorting to 2D fixes?
Check the attached image. It explains how to achieve this.

The line type pattern of polygons is drawn starting from their start point. The below trick works because we start the polygon for both Slabs at the same point and we are drawing them in the same direction.
If you create a Polygon using SPACE-click, the beginning point of the polygon and its direction is not under your control. This is why you should draw it manually in such a case.
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