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Everything about using Libraries and Library Parts - Doors/Windows/Objects/Stairs etc. (Example: How can I display a Transom above my Door?)

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By Jay Garbarino
I have never been able to show Garage Doors on the Plan or 3D as they are actually Built. And now in AC14 I still can not figure it out. I have tried the D1 Garage 1 14, D1 Garage 2 14 & D1 Garage 4 14 with no Success. I can change the Reveal on the Garage 1 door setting, but the Casing moves with it.

As many know already the Garage Door opening is usually framed at the Panel (Leaf) size or maybe 1" larger, then 1.5" Frame is built around the opening. The Panel (leaf) sets just inside the Frame up against it and the Sheetrock.

Who are other doing this?

The Attachment shows a Custom Panel that I have added to the D1 Garage 4 14 door object.
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By Jay Garbarino
3D View
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By Gerald Hoffman

I don't use the AC doors and windows but I just got it to work by adjusting the selection in the Options - Placement method to " Flipped " and then adjusting the Reveal depth to make the frame fit into the wall, in this case 4" is showing. It was trial and error on the reveal setting which makes no sense but it seems to work.

Garage Door.jpg
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By Jay Garbarino
Flipping the Door results in the Ghosted (Hidden line) door panel to be flipped to the incorrect side not to mention the Door track if that is shown as it can be with D1 Garage 4 14.

So for that door you turn off the option to show the Track and Turn off Opening Lines in 2D.

For my Wall Cavity it is 4 7/8" that places the door in the Proper spot, yet this still places framing material around the Door Panel. I believe the 4" Reveal only places the inside face of the door flush with the wall.

Thanks for checking. Hard to Believe that none of the Garage door objects are modeled properly.