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By lparke
within interactive door/wdw schedules i added various annotations/dims within the cell. I've recently lost that information + the vertical formatting of the cells. I originally thought it may be a layer issue but that's not the case. It's as if the schedule regenerated itself to the original view prior to any modifications. The windows and doors have not been changed in some time about the only thing i remember doing is making changes to the marker settings (shape and size) using select wdw (or door) tool, ctrl-a, change settings within dialogue box. Would this cause the generation of a new schedule?
By Russell2005
I don't know why it keeps happening. But, I'm having the same exact problem. I had a team member open the layout with the schedule on it. It had the notations and dimensions on it till he sent and recieved. Then we both watched it regenerate and disappear. Let me know if you ver get an answer to this puzzle.
By Russell2005
It occurs to me that the 2d annotations remained intact all day long even though I sent and recieved numerous times. It even showed up on another teamwork member's local copy until a send and recieve. Could it have anything to do with the server or the send/recieve or reservation/release all operation? My hunch is that it's a teamwork application issue. I don't think this would occur in a stand alone project.
By lparke
In my case it was a solo project. Although no one replied, i still suspect it was when i changed the marker settings as my second attempt at annotation within the cell (knock on wood) has remained intact since my post. hopefully someone will respond to your 5/9/11 post.
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By Lasse Borg
Unfortunately we have the same problem here. Teamwork project where schedules regenerate to some form of default resulting in loss of annotations. This probably happened after new user joined project (send & receive) but none of the users where actually working with schedules at the time.

This has happened before but was dismissed as a human error. Now I think not.

I've read the list of bug fixes that are included in the new Hotfix 3862 but can't find any bug fix number that corresponds to this problem.

Major bug this is. Hours of work gone.
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By kegroup
This is a major pain in the butt because we use our drawing index to track revisions in the set and it requires hours of work to recreate it every time we issue a revision AND creates an opportunity to make an error.

This was an issue all the way back in AC 13. I'd have thought they would have fixed a bug like this by now. It seems to be only a BIM server issue. Solo project notation remains.

Graphisoft, HELP!
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By Laura Yanoviak
We've been experiencing Schedule Viewpoints disappearing all together. In Teamwork, at some point we notice that the entire Schedule and Project Indexes Folders within the Project Map is empty.
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By Miha_M
Any news here? I am also having problems with annotations.
Solo project, everything I am adding as annotations in schedule drawings gets randomly deleted.
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By LaszloNagy
Is this happening in ARCHICAD 19?
I have not worked with this functionality recently, but a few years ago when this feature first came out, I had similar experiences of annotations of Schedules lost for no reason. And this happened without any change to the Scheme Settings, any change to the number of elements in the Schedule. Basically, annotate Schedule cells. Close the file. Open it later, schedule cell annotations are randomly gone. No change whatsoever to file inbetween.
Hi, this is still happening in AC20.

Windows 10 Pro
ArchiCAD 20 5025 Fin Full
Teamwork project
Several hotlinked modules in mod-format
One schedule has "auto dimensioning" on.
One schedule does not.

We're trying to manage some door schedules created on the main teamwork project. The annotations randomly disappear, but not ALL of them. I've noticed that at least some annotations seem to stick. These seem to be on elements that have not been modified, and are not on hotlinked modules. We've been working on the mod-files and updating them back on the main teamwork project, but what we've done has not involved doors in any way. Still the annotations seem to vanish. The "auto dimensioning" does not seem to have an effect on this, as both schedules suffer from the disappearing annotations.