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By TZG_Kevin
yes, it happens across all the TEAMWORK projects in 20 (started 19) and if your schedule view changes its setting such as renovation, scale, layer combo.. it drops all the custom annotations.

We confirmed that scheduled elements in hotlinked modules (at least in a teamwork project) lose their annotation consistently. This has been reported to our local reseller, who told they'll be in contact with Graphisoft about this.
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By KatalinBorszeki
Hi All, this is a known error. The problem is that when you make multiple Views of a single Schedule with different Renovation Statuses, in one case it will list certain windows, and in another case they might not have the "existing" status, so they do not exist in the schedule either. As a result, the annotations connected to them have nothing to connect to, and they go missing.

There is no easy fix to this phenomenon. The only workaround to avoid the mentioned issue is to make sure that you only have ONE single View saved of each schedule (if you need more than one, please duplicate the whole schedule, and save the new view from there). Best, k