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i have been a student to archi cad for two years now. its a steep learning curve that took dicipline and practice. i found some nice tutorials online for download, all video, and just went step by step. takes effort and practice, and it is well worth it
FWIW, I am teaching ArchiCAD at our university. I used to teach in a classroom with 20 computers and have a HTML-based overview.

The text was quite summarized and did not include every single button or dialog to click. But it explained things.

This year, I switched to video-tutorials. I made quite a series for ArchiCAD 16 (and a few other software applications). But they are in Dutch, as my students are Flemish and we use the regional ArchiCAD version with the Dutch/Belgian libraries from Kubus.

So far, I had positive reactions from my students. They can learn at their own pace. And we have Q&A sessions for peer tutoring, when they have gone through the tutorials. I'd rather spend time explaining things one-on-one than to repeat the same basics again and again while going too fast for some (so they open Facebook) or going to slow for others (so they open Facebook).

ArchiCAD is not the easiest software, but it is much more user-friendly and accessible than e.g. AutoCAD. However, you try to do quite complex things (create a 3D model of a building) from the very beginning in ArchiCAD, while in a first AutoCAD course you usually draw a few 2D lines... which obviously is easier to do.
I've watched a lot of ArchiCAD videos over the years. The best ones, IMO, are the ones put out by Eric Bobrow. He has a "quick start" course, I believe, for a reasonable cost, as well as a bunch of free tutorial videos. These can be accessed from I have no financial connection with him; I just think he is able to explain things from a novice user's viewpoint better than anyone else.