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By Chris McCray
I am having scale issues translating files into Autocad format. Specifically, an Autocad 2010 Civil 3D user sent me a file which I used for a background to my AC 11 building file. After merging the two files, I returned the revised acad file in the 2004-2006 dwg format. When the file is opened in Autocad, the proportion and scale is not correct. Other than increasing or decreasing the units by a factor of 12 during the translation, the drawing scale is not being manipulated in any way. Any thoughts? Thanks
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By Barry Kelly
Check the translator settings when you save the file from Archicad to DWG/DXF format.
Sounds like you have the units set to "feet" instead of "inches" - or maybe the other way around.

If it's not that then it is controlled by the unit size in Autocad - but I don't remember any of that Autocad stuff now.

By Chris McCray
Thanks Barry - actually the need to enlarge or reduce the file is directly related to the units, i.e., converting inches to feet and visa versa. The issue that we are having is that the line work does not translate accurately even after the scale is resolved by converting the units. The engineer that I am working with did mention one thing that I think may affect the translation. She sets the working units to decimal feet whereas I have them set to feet and inches. I'm not sure how that would affect the line work, but I can see how rounding might affect the dimensions. It seems to me that there is something else going on.
Decimal feet vs feet & inches should be no difference. The scale factor is just determined by the AutoCAD drawing unit.

I'm not sure what you mean by linework but you may be having a problem with the pen numbers. I find it is usually best to use a translator which matches all the pen numbers. I believe only one of the default translators does this which is named something like "Keep matching pen numbers." Use this as the basis for your adjusted civil translator (the default unit is inches). You can also get into fine tuning linetype, pen and layer translations but this is usually not necessary.