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I recently upgraded to Archicad 14 Student edition (my 1 year license for 13 has expired). In the process I unwittingly deleted the object library for Archicad 13. I didn't realize my projects still were going to rely on it. Is there any way to reinstall the Archicad 13 object library?
Thank you,
You can open your 13 files in AC14 and keep working.
You need to Load 'ArchiCAD 13 migration library' from the installed ArchiCAD 14's folder.
(however you can download ArchiCAD 13 library from the net)
I looked on Graphisoft's site for the Archicad 13 library, but the closest thing I could find was on this page: The Basic library available on it only contains a few samples.
Do you know where it can be downloaded from?
Once I get it, do I use the library manager in AC to import it?
Thank you again,
As Dhaval said you need to add the AC13 Migration Library to your project, it is located in the same place as the AC14 one.

It is not necessary to download the full AC13 library.
OK, I went to the library manager and added the Archicad 13 migration library. It seems to only have about 14 objects in its subfolders. I went to object, linked libraries, Archicad 13 migration library. The following subfolders were available:
00 General
11 Equipment 13
12 Furnishings 13
14 Conveying systems 13
22 Plumbing 13
32 Exterior Improvements 13
If I recall correctly, these objects weren't in the original Archicad 13 library.
In your library you should have loaded the AC13 MIgration Library and AC14 Regular library.

The migration library is for those objects that cannot be updated to the new version. Because of this the Migration library does not contain all of the objects.
Ah hah! I got it. All I needed to do was add the AC 14 library to my project that was created with AC 13. The fact that it kept saying that the Archicad 13 library was unavailable, even after adding the AC 13 migration library was a red herring. Thank you all for your ideas, they lead me in the right direction.
-Spartan Giordano
Spartan, thanks for pointing to the ongoing problem of library management when migration between AC versions.

I think, by default, when you for the first time open a project saved in an earlier app version (say AC13) in a later version (say AC14), the later version should by default replace the old version's standard libraries with the new version's plus the old version's migration library.

Warning dialogs, opt-out options apply, of course, but that should be the default. The procedure is far too opaque today.