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Spartan Giordano wrote:Thomas,
Thank you for your post. I don't feel quite so stupid now.

Not at all. It's the program's behavior that's stupid and unintuitive!
This issue should have been taken care of long ago.
(as should the issue that when you've opened a project in the new program version, you are not prompted to do a 'Save As' under a new file name.
Today, by default your old version is overwritten by the new, which means the project can no longer be opened in the old program version.

This is a potential problem since new versions can introduce or uncover errors, caused by new program behaviors, new libraries, or even bugs. To 'Save back' doesn't always solve them because new library parts may be uncompatible. And if you didn't realise this and take care of the temporary backup file, you have a problem.

You may of course want to overwrite the old version, but that should be a conscious decision.)

Library and version management have some way to go before I'd call them streamlined and intuitive!