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By jespizua
Seems like the videos have been removed from youtube. I can't understand why Graphisoft upload some videos about AC 15 and a couple of hours later they removed the videos.

Glad I was able to see the videos before they removed!
That's weird... Why would they do that?

Anyway, I have to say, I was really not impressed with what I saw. All videos were about minor features, like "guidelines in 3D window" and stuff like that.

I really hope they have something amazing ready to go for AC15. Nothing of what I saw was worth the money for the upgrade (which in Italy is now up to 630,00€ +vat per computer). Not at all. I really wish I could be enthusiastic about Archicad, but last two releases (13 and specially 14) were extremely disappointing, not to count the fact that on Mac we're still waiting on the 64bit version.
By jespizua
For what I saw there is a new tool called Shell, which seems like a mix between a loft + extrude + sweep command but we will have to wait to see all the new features in AC 15.
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By rwallis
Given the resources and pace of development at Graphisoft, each release has dealt with a new emphasis. 13 and 14 was teamwork. 15 and possibly 16 are about modeling. Given this pace any new features must last 5-6 years before they might be revisited (maybe more? Lightworks never progressed beyond a patching an old version through a crippled interface).

To say there is a lot riding on this release is an understatement. These tools are "our" collective future for the coming years.
Then there are all those users jaded as tw2 was irrelevant to them (hype aside).

The underwhelmed response recorded earlier in this thread is a concern.....
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By LaszloNagy
ArchiCAD 15 has been announced today: ... /ac15.html

Detail info about ArchiCAD 15:

Note: Videos are continuously uploaded to the site. All in all there will be 100+ videos about the release.
The Shell tool looks promising, but I want to see what the Renovation Options are capable of.
I wonder if one could use it for Design Options....

Still no improvements in Favorites, SEO(floor plan representation) and others
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By LaszloNagy
NandoMogollon wrote:The Shell tool looks promising, but I want to see what the Renovation Options.
I wonder if one could use it for Design Options....

As far as I know the Renovation Filter feature was not meant to be used for design options.
But that does not mean someone may not come up with a clever way of using it for that purpose. Time will tell.
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