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Label, Text, Dimension, Markers...

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By ejrolon

Next, adding 1 new rounding option (5/10mm) in "Dimension Options" - it's so difficult? I think that "no".
I agree with you on this but the whole point about "sloppy" is about making sure that you do the job properly and that you document were you are doing exceptions.
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By Int_Skylined
Yes, the colour marking or asterisk - normal solution. Dimensions with 5 or 0 at the end needs more for convenience of builders to don't catch 1,2,3 etc mm and operates with 5 and 10 mm only.

Need the possibility to shift from actual true dimensions to rounded (for any drafts), not more. That's all.
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By LaszloNagy

In the Dimension Settings Page of the Project Preferences Set these:
Units: meter
Decimals: 2
Extra Accuracy: 5

Units: centimeter
Decimals: 0
Extra Accuracy: 5

But you will not be able to achieve this with Units set to Millimeters.
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By Int_Skylined
laszlonagy, yes, this trick and one another (with centimeters too) are sidetracks. Would like to standard solution for millimeters...

On the whole, this is a microwish, but from that "nothing" the big whole sums.