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By stholhuijsen

I cannot open an Archicad file because I get the error:

"Educational version cannot read START edition files. (14.0)"

Does anyone know how to deal with this problem?

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By Karl Ottenstein
See the compatibility table near the bottom of this page:

Start Edition files can only be opened with a full/commercial version (or Start itself of course).

Once saved by the commercial version, it appears that EDU can open the resulting file. (It does seem odd that EDU cannot open a Start file directly - hard to see the marketing reasons for preventing it.)

A more detailed table of which versions of Start files can be opened in which versions of (commercial) AC is here:
By stholhuijsen
Thank you very much, Karl Ottenstein.

Since I do not know anybody with a commercial version, would it be possible to send you my file so you can save it and send it back to me? That would solve a lot of problems for me!