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By hamedkassaei
Does Graphisoft has any plans to publish bimx for windows phone 8 ?!t
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By LaszloNagy
I don't know if they do but I can tell you my personal opinion:
Based on what I am reading Windows is really small compared to iOS and Android on mobile phones as an operating system. Those two together have over 90% market share. From this point of view I am not sure it would be worthwhile for Graphisoft to do a Window 8 version for that very small market segment.
So I would not hold my breath waiting for it to happen.
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By LaszloNagy
I would not be surprised if there was no Windows Phone version planned.
Windows Phone has so little market share that it may just not worth putting the extra effort in it.
And the way things stand, who know it there wll be a Windows Phone in 2-3 years, iOS and Android just dominate so much.
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By Karl Ottenstein
SergDryg wrote:Judging by the number of views topic has an interest in approximately 1,000 users

Views just mean someone looked at this thread. Many of us look at every new thread... and someone looking at this 10 times counts as 10 views.

The only thing that "counts" is the number of votes... and there are currently only 6 votes in this poll... Not an overwhelming call for Windows Phone support (yet)...
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By Francois_MCD
Apps for "mobile devices" means not only phones but also including tablets. I believe Graphisoft should do real time research (if they did not already) to review the Mobile Apps platforms. I am by no way an expert on the stats / data but being responsible for End User Tech Support in my appointed area I serve several users & practices using ArchiCad on all types of devices and platforms (including Windows 8 mobile devices, especially tablets).

Microsoft might be behind with regards to mobile development for devices and apps but should not be excluded from Graphisoft's development planning. Looking at the Windows 8 developments and how many tablets are available with this OS I believe Microsoft will catch up fast. Exclusivity is not in line with Graphisoft's OpenBIM "concept".

Windows 8 tablets (in our coutry anyway) is very competitive in both specs and price. My ASUS T100TA 10" (Q-Core 1.7Ghz, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSHD) cost only R5100 (+/-$480) and it has enough punch to run ArchiCad 16.
Not that I would or intend to use this device on a productive level, but it already brought value to my day for quick demos via a projector / larger screen. Even tech support "on-the-go" has become easier. I have more happy clients, faster using this tool.

Now here is my problem: This is one of many compatible devices out there and so mamy more people could be reached with our awesome Graphisoft technologies if Windows 8 compatibility could be expanded to the BIMx & BIMx Hyper Model Apps.

I can also not understand why the BIMx Hyper Model App is not available for desktop users. How much more awesome would it be if I could do a full demo (that includes BIMx H/M) from my MAC or Windows laptop (or powerhouse Desktop for that matter).

I think this states my point good enough? I really hope to see BIMx H/M on all possible devices.
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By Francois_MCD
This wish by @hamedkassaei just strengthens my view that Graphisoft could elevate the usability of BIMx H/M as I suggested in this wish - "BIMx with Mark-up / Redline tools"
What do you guys think about the possibilities and usability gains for BIMx as a main stream tool in practice and on sites?