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By Peter Devlin
For about a week I do not see the Object Depository forum link.
It use to be at the bottom of the forum list but now it is gone.
What happened to it? Has any one else experienced this?
Thank you,
Peter Devlin
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By s2art
Interesting. I hadn't noticed that. Probably just made obsolete by the BIM Components portal. New additions were very infrequent over the last year or so.

The old address still works, though (for now). ... sitory.php
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By Aaron Bourgoin
glad I downloaded the horse. Just in time.
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By s2art
Aaron Bourgoin wrote:glad I downloaded the horse. Just in time.

Me too :wink:
By Peter Devlin
Hello s2art, Hello Arron,
Thank you both for posting back.
I take it then, that you both do not see
the GDL Object Depository forum link .
I hope the forum administrator has something
to say about this.
Peter Devlin
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By s2art
Peter Devlin wrote:I take it then, that you both do not see
the GDL Object Depository forum link .

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By Aaron Bourgoin
Yes, Peter. the horse has left the barn.
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By Barry Kelly
So what are all those not using 16 or 17 going to do?
There was some useful bits in there.
Especially that horse - I use it all the time. :wink:
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By LaszloNagy
Please read the information about this at the beginning of the first post. This is based on feedback I received from Graphisoft: ... hp?t=10577

Basically it says that the Object Depository is working as before, only there is no direct link to it on the Forum's front page.
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By Karl Ottenstein
Thanks, Laszlo. To make it faster for people to find, here is the direct link to the first post of that thread, updated by Tibor: ... 0402#60402

It's just strange that this link removal wasn't announced - I'm not sure how (1) people using AC 15 and earlier would find the depository with the link gone, and (2) people using 16 and higher would find the objects that are in the depository but not in the new BIMComponents web site - since the authors of depository material were never notified to move their material to the new BIMComponents site (or have it moved automatically by Graphisoft).

So, for (1), just repeating the direct link to the depository yet again: ... sitory.php

and for (2) requesting that anyone with content on the depository try to migrate it to BIMComponents. I'm not totally sure how to manage this well, as I don't know of a search function that lets me find everything I've posted to the depository (much less just search the depository), for example ... and some of the content in the depository is by people who are no longer active here on ac-talk and I don't know how we would contact them to ask them to move their content?