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By Francois_MCD
Hi all

BIMx is changing the way I share my ArchiCad projects and communicate with others involved with the project.
BIMx is the fastest way to get quick photo renders from any view in the model (and as many as you want) in just minutes.
Generating Walkthrough movies is even more enjoyable just by measure of the sheer speed and ease of getting the movie file produced.
Sharing the model with clients / consultants is so effective and really helps to speed up the process of giving them a clear understanding of the design.
Measuring and model element info is really great and very useful.

I have been wondering if I am alone in noticing the potential for making BIMx an even deeper communication tool by adding the Redline / Mark-up tools. This way a client or consultant can send Revision notes / comments back to the ArchiCad Architect who can use integration of Mark-up notes directly into the ArchiCad project file just like we can do with the DWF Web based Reviewer via the Publisher. Here is a tutorial I wrote on the DWF Reviewer workflow as reference of what I want to see inside BIMx

I believe this would just enhance the usability and "Open-ness"of both ArchiCad an BIMx.
What do you think about this idea?