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By LaszloNagy
You guys might want to check this out, I think it is a pretty cool development of BIMx.
It is called BIMx Docs and integrates 2D and 3D Viewing with hyperlinks: ... s_ios.html


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By outpostarc
Hey, I want to do that in Archicad.
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By moloneyds
unsure. i know it only works on iphones and ipad's so at most you are looking at $100, though I would have thought the iphone version would be a waste of time
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By LaszloNagy
I asked the Graphisoft guys and they told me that the 1 model licence is valid for 1 machine. Full licence is valid for all devices that are synchronized with the same Apple ID.
I hope that answers this question.
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By Miki Woodie
I have just read about the license and I feel like this is a big limitation. Who pays it? Architect, owner, subcontractor, all? They (Graphisoft) really haven't learned anything from BIMx previous lessons. It should be free and that's it. Architect already pays all the licenses. How can I ask a customer or partner that he has to pay for the access to the project?