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By DerryP
there is no bim explorer in the drop down file box in educational archicad 17 so that i can export a BIMx file.

Anyone with similar issue?

How do i remedy this?
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By Barry Kelly
You need to save BIMx from the 3D window.

You also now have the choice of 'Publishing' a BIMx hyper model in 17 - Document menu > Publisher > Publish BIMx Hyper model.
The hyper model can only be viewed on an iPad/iPhone at present and you need an in-app purchase to se the PDF documents.

By DerryP
Hi Barry,

There is no BIMx file extension or explorer to save while i'm in the model.

Publish BIMx Hyper model doesnt existing when i open publisher and scroll down the list to save it.

Its like it hasnt been installed into the program.

Is it that its an educational version?
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By Barry Kelly
DerryP wrote:Is it that its an educational version?

I can't say for sure as I have the full version.
But I am pretty sure the educational version should have it too.

If you go to the Options menu > Add-on manager does it show BIMx as being installed (has a tick next to it in the list).

By DerryP
Yes in the Add on manger its located in there.

Cant understand why it isn't showing up in the file drop down menu and publisher.
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By Barry Kelly
The Publish BIMx might not be in the menu if you are not using the default 'Standard' Work Environment.

But it should be in the "save as" file type when you save from the 3D window.
By DerryP
Just opened it there in BIMx. THanks Barry

I done a save as in the 3D window and eported it to the BIMx.

Looks impressive.

One thing, Can you walk into the building mass model or is it only external walkabout it seems to block any entry on my building?
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By Barry Kelly
You should be able to walk through doors (and windows) but not through walls.
But if you turn 'Fly' mode on (F key is the shortcut) you will be able to walk (fly) through anything in any direction.

Press ESC to bring up the menu and you will see the keyboard shortcuts in there in the 'Controls' tab.