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By mariosmic
I'd like to have handle for windows. So I could understand which is the main sash, I mean the first I open.
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By Karl Ottenstein
Not sure I understand... perhaps you can give the library part name and which localized library you are using - INT? ITA? Is this window a casement where the sash with the handle is opened first before the other sash can be opened?
By Goran
I see someone already had problems with handle in it is 2016 and i am having same problem. Why isnt that fixed?

Where can I set and choose type of handle in window selection settings?
By gabriel85roma
it's not enough for a program of 20 years experience to have always the same windows from a long time ago... ALWAYS from 20 years without handles.. i don't think is so difficult for graphisoft to edit those simple objects and make happy his users...