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Hello all,

We have experienced a strange problem with the Cinema 4d Addon for Archicad and hopefully somebody could give us some handful advice how to manage the situation.
We have recently purchased the package of Cinema 4D Visualize R15 together with Vray in order to link these programs with our 3d work from ARCHICAD. We have downloaded the Cinema 4D add-on for Archicad 17. However soon we have experiences a problem in cinema 4D regarding the update of the materials linked with Archicad . Usually we select the materials imported by default from Archicad and then we assign in the texture tag another material. Whenever we merge newer version of the Archicad 3d Model we lose the previously assigned materials on SOME objects that have again the default materials by Archicad. We have noticed that this problem happens with “Decks”, “Roofs”, “Windows”, “Stairs”, “Facades” elements from Archicad. However this doesn´t happen with objects such as “Shells” Morphs” , “Walls” and “Beams” whose material is not lost during the update of the file.
Has somebody ever experienced this kind of trouble? We have inverted in such programs expecting a fluent integration between Archicad and Cinema 4d (vray) as this should be our main workflow for the 3D visualization.
Thank you in advance for your time.
This does not answer the question but for this particular workflow the best option (which I have been using since AC11 if I remember correctly) is to buy Din3D's add-on which is really cheap for what it does
Thank you for the reply.
We have checked the product and it seems interesting...probably we would like to try first but I see the update option in not available in demo version and that is were is our problem. I would like to ask you if you also use Cinema 4D R15 with Vray in order to be sure that it works without problems?
I use VRay with C4D R14 but in my case I have never had any problems with Windows or Stairs.
Shoot an email to Din to see if he can help.
Thank you for your answer!
In case somebody runs through similar problem we have found a solution in the Options of the Cinema 4d Exporter Menu (you have to enable it from the menu Options). If you choose to Group by Material the update of the materials is correct.