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By ChristopherM
Hi there,

I am student that is almost done with his technical drawing course and I just finished the ArchiCAD tutorials from the website. The thing is, I would to practice more but would like to follow some plans, so I don't just make something out of thin air. I think following some plans would make good practice, but I don't seem to find anything.

So, does anyone have or know where I can where I can find some blueprints of buildings to build ?
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By Srinivas
Here's the link from Dave Sanders Website, they are some detailed plans, not sure if they suit your style of construction, but very good to understand what we can produce from ArchiCAD

Hope this helps.
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By Stress Co.
I'm guessing as a student you were looking for
something free?
Unfortunately, THIS isn't :?

But, you may find it more interesting/fun to model a well know building.
Check out: Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye

Do a google search "dwg file (Name of the building)".
You may find some free content.

I'm assuming your looking for something to MODEL.
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By KeesW
DMS Design drawings are very detailed. Are the references in the 'Detail' columns on Door and Window Schedules automatically generated or are they entered manually?