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By Peter Bennison
I'm confused …

In Archicad A16 we could export from the 3d window to BIMx, and then once in the application BIMx we could view and check the file on the Mac, and above all make stand-alone files for Mac and Windows to give to clients, as well as the BIMx file to view directly on iPad or iPhones.

Now in Archicad 17 we publish the hyper-model BIMx which creates a BIMx file, but which is only visible via the iPad or iPhone app. I have bought the multi-pack at 44,99€ but I can't view or check the file here on my Mac before issuing the file. So haven't been able to test the hyperlinks, 2d pages etc.

How can we go back to the previous procedure, it was more practical, no ?
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By Barry Kelly
Instead of Publishing as a BIMx Doc file you can view your model in the 3D window then FILE > SAVE AS a BIMx file.
Just change the file type to BIMx.
This will give you a standard BIMx file that you can open with the standard BIMx viewer on any machine but it will not have the PDF docs with it - only the Publiser does that.

From the BIMx viewer you can now just save the file - there is no such thing any more as a Windows/Mac/iThing version.
The file no longer contains the built-in executable viewer program - you have to download that separately for each system you want to view the file on.

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By Peter Bennison
Thank you Barry, I had missed BIMx in the long list of save as options