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By stefan
If your ArchiCAD 17 license has not expired, you can try out the new ArchiCAD 18 with it.

In my case, I had to use the INT version, since the NED version I normally use is nota available yet. The serial is specific for a language version.
Hi Stefan,
Just confirming you mean the student/educational serial number license?
The WIBU key / Codemeter keys do not expire and version 18 will not work with them unless you upgrade them to 18.

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By stefan
I indeed mean the EDU serial number that each student receives individually.

This is a good policy of Graphisoft: ensure that the software is free, accessible, up to date and compatible with the commercial version (apart from the watermarks, which is understandable).

Ow.. tempting to start rant about Adobe EDU licensing terms.
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By stefan
Don't get me started...

[censored]. You did.

Well, something along:

Student pricing:
$19,99/month for first year and $30/month from the second year on.
And in other parts of the world
€19,99/month and then €30/month

School Lab pricing:
€300/year + taxes per machine
or €35/month + taxes per user

It is a monthly ransom; granted you get a whole suite/arsenal of software.

In contrast ArchiCAD is a very expensive software, but free for students and educators and schools.
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By ejrolon
I know since I too have to deal with it. Also you are forgetting that Autodesk recently went free for all students and Universities and that Cinema4D is also free, though their setup is more complicated.
I am wondering why I see some people talking about Archicad 18 educational versions as I can't seem to find them. only shows version 17 for me, and my license only expires in about half a year.
I got it from a link to the trial version. I is not visible in for my country yet.
stefan wrote:I got it from a link to the trial version. I is not visible in for my country yet.

It's available since a few days.

License code for 18 INT is different from 18 NED (and different from 17, but as long as it is not expired, educational serial seems to be accepted).