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By stsmith190582
Please allow preservation of HLMs storey levels when importing into a file with different storey levels, instead of enforcing the destination file's storey levels. I don't know how you'd do it, but having different sets of storey levels (e.g. building 1, building 2 etc) could be a useful development. These would all have to relate to the same project zero though obviously.

One other smaller gripe - I find it a real pain to have to enter floor plan view to have to access the hotlink manager so an ability to access it from the 3D window would be nice. Also the ability to refresh HLMs from a context menu instead of going through the rigmarole of the hotlink manager would speed up my work flow immensely.
That's a lot of wishes in one item!

To add another item though - it would be useful and speed module management up if one could select a module and check status / update rather than waiting for ArchiCAD to check the status of ALL the modules when you open the HLM manager - If you have a lot of modules in the file, this can waste a lot of time when you just need to update a single module.

I'm voting essential as I believe these items are all necessary, but HLM management within ArchiCAD needs a SERIOUS overhaul to stay competitive and remain useful!
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By Barry Kelly
Mark Reid Rowland wrote:Admin - apologies something went wrong with my Submit button and it seems to have created multiple replies :oops:

Easily fixed. :)

By jonatanghijs
Please archicad,

consider adding a feature that allows to hotlink projects with different story settings. I think it is a bit bizarre that this is not yet possible by now, hopefully this can be fixed and added to the next version.

kind regards,