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By Anestis
Goodmorning and have a great month forum,
I recently got my oculus rift DK2 , for those that do not now what it is,
its the second development kit of an upcoming Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display. I am planning to create VR tours using Unity engine but then it hit me ,that Bimx can produce steroscopic images,so,anyone gave this a shot?
I played around a bit with it,but no luck.
I would really love if I did not have to learn how to use another software but i guess you cannot add dinosaurs chasing you around in your house in Bimx ;)
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By LaszloNagy
BIMx already works with the ZEISS Cinemizer Glasses so I imagine the same could be done with the Oculus Rift:

By Anestis
Hey lazlo,
I know it works with the ZEISS Cinemizer, but to be honest I am not willing to spent that kind of money, it's almost twice as expensive as the Rift,DK2 (that I already have).I also read some bad reviews for the ZEISS,not for the BIMX implemantation,but for the product it self.
I tried viewing bimx content on my Rift but it didn't work.
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By LaszloNagy
Yes, what I meant is that probably BIMx could be made to work with the Oculus Rift. I didn't mean to imply that it is already working with it.
By Hobocop
I too have been using a DK2 and anxiously awaiting a convenient way to view ArchiCAD projects in VR.

These guys are working on CAD>Rift conversion software and have expressed intent for compatibility with ArchiCAD but I haven't heard any updates in a while:

I'll be experimenting soon to see if I can find any other way to do it for now.
By Danj
I exported my archicad model into the unreal engine 4, which has oculus rift support built into it. Was fairly simple to get it across. Still working on streamlining the process but happy with results so far. I also looked at unity3d which worked pretty well, but i think UE4 as more going for it visually.
By Pete Chiae

Any chance you could explain the exact process (eg. file format/settings) by which you imported to UE4? Did you use a pass-through application? Thanks!
By vgodzb
I think to make VR things work smoothly with BIMx is to try the ZEISS VR One since the Zeiss Cinemizer already works with it. I tried the cinemizer and enjoyed it and it was easy to use the only thing is that the viewing inside the glasses were a little small. I would hope ZEISS used similar technology to make it work for the VR One..... Praying. :)

I am waiting on more feedback on the VR One with hopes that I won't have to export my model in other softwares/formats to get a VR headset to work with it.

Anyone else have more insights on VR options besides the three other options mentioned: Oculus Rift, Iris VR and ZEISS VR?

Warm Regards,

By strawbale
Ive found a way to get my Archicad 3D models into Google Cardboard and walk around.

Just WOW! its pretty incredible. Forget BIMX

I love it! THIS is the future :D
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By LaszloNagy
Could you describe the process of how you managed to make it work?