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By Hmooslechner
PLEASE - Graphisoft-People!

Make it possible to use normal profiles - from profile-maker - within GDL with normal 3D-commands like Extrude, revolve, sweep and

main usable for Tube.

Even when the profile consists many different hatches - it should be usable within one single tube - or similar commands. It should not be nescessary to write down all the different hatches in GDL-Script. Just take all of the things out of the profile from profile-editor. A single line command!

This would open the possibility for a large nuber of awesome GDLs!!

I Know - this would be a big task for You programmers - but can you imagine the positive impact on the workflow in GDL?

Think of that - move that idea in your hearts!

Besides that - the profile - functionality should be open for all Slab-borders too.
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By stefan
Check the AC21 announcement.
Thank You!

I am working on an GDL for the accessory-Addon - wall and roof to apply profile-manager profiles to the walls and roofs and also to curtain-walls

When my GDLs are not so buggy any more - i will post it here too.

some german preview:

getting the Addons:

to Test:
AC21 - Edu - Aut-Version