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The functionality to split the view between right and left stereoscopic channels currently exists in the BIMX desktop viewer (presumably for use with 3D monitors and TVs), but is not present in the mobile app. Adding this functionality to the app would allow the use of BIMX with google cardboard for an immersive BIMX experience:
I got Google Cardboard delivered to our office today, cost was less than 4 euros/dollars (including delivery). Virtual reality experience is good with iPhone 6 and Google software, I highly recommended to try this out. Cardboard feel of the goggles lowers your expectations, therefore your 3D model can be more sketch, too. Perfect for ArchiCad exported BimX model. I give my vote to this request.
I have to say it doesn't sound like something critical to professional practice, but the ability to instill excitement in a client is priceless.

Cool as it is, the google street view app used with a $4 stereoscope is technically just monoscopic--you just look around in all directions at a single image. The benefit of ArchiCad exporting true stereoscopic images--virtual 3D--would let clients grasp volumes better, as well as the nearness of some objects in relation to others. On a pad 3D is pretty cool, but in the immersive experience of a stereoscope it would make my clients downright giddy.
Having experienced Gear VR and Google Cardboard apps via Gear VR, I concur...

In addition to the left/right split there needs to be an intuitive means to a) walk/fly, b) to look in any direction and c) to 'jump' to the gallery preset views.

So far (Mid-April 2016) there isn't anything in the VR consumer market that could touch BIMx - that is if BIMx were smoothly integrated into VR.
#254371 ... ups-v-ray/

From 3ds, Maya and Revit there already is a simple solution for simple VR experience.

Having old school QuickTime VR kind of fixed standing points Cardboard VR experience (today not some years in future), would be nice touch to impress customers. In two years from now VR experience is consumed on game console or PC without any WOW effect.
The latest update to BIMx has made this very easy.

We are already using this now to show our clients around their models. It's great to be able to make full use of the BIMx models in this way.

The workflow from ArchiCAD to VR is much better than most other BIM software now too. We've written a post on how we use BIMx and VR. ... -projects/