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By Cheikh T Sylla

Is this possible to explode text into fill shapes. My titleblock has a font that my consultants do not generally have, and when I publish dwg files, I want to maintain the titleblock without the font change. Short of asking them to load up or buy the front from the internet, is there a way of doing this? Thanks.
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By Barry Kelly
You should have a '3D text' object.
Simply view it in elevation and either copy and paste it or select and explode it.
You will be left with a bunch of lines which you can magic wand a fill onto.

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By Erwin Edel
other way is to convert drawing to .plt file and opening that, text will be lines and fills then.
By Cheikh T Sylla
Barry, Erwin, thanks.
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By methy
Im trying to convert a text font into fills also (for company logo) and to export to adobe illustrator
but im having trouble creating a .plt file as suggested above not sure how this is done in AC19?
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By mikas
File - Plot
Destination: file

If you have access to Adobe illustrator, I believe you can explode an ArchiCAD published pdf file easily in Illustrator? It might be a command something like "Trace", "Convert to paths "or so.
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By methy
thank for that, might be a bit easier to explode in illustrator
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By ejrolon
I would rather export as a PDF and in AI select the text and use "Convert to Curves" it should give you "better" curves and resolution than the ages old PLT.
If you don't have AI, Affinity Designer is a good cheap alternative (usually they have 30% discount options).