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hello !!

I am in despair.

I installed the Artlantis Studio 5 and the materials library appears empty, repeat the process and all the same. Installed in another computer and appears all right, only in my is not this appear.
Has anyone experienced the same and find a solution?

thank you
You might need to try the Artlantis forum.

This is an Archicad forum.
Someone may have an answer for you but you will get more help in the appropriate forum.

The Artlantis forums where Barry pointed you are the best place, otherwise file a tech support question with Abvent there. Be sure to list your OS as the issues are totally different Windows vs Mac. I just looked, and do not see a post from you on this issue there.

If you're on a Mac, your media should be here:

Check to see if the content is there. If not, then that's the problem.

If you have the Users folder moved to another disk drive, or have changed the permissions in some way, then there could be an issue due to that as Artlantis looks in a fixed path for the media. This can be changed in the Artlantis 5 Preferences - see attached, similar for Mac or Windows.
Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.04.28 PM.jpg