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Sustainable design; Energy Evaluation, EcoDesigner and EcoDesigner STAR

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Now that I've got an energy evaluation (though I'm not really sure what its really telling me) I'm interested in efficiently completing my DOB required REScheck for my project.

REScheck wants each component input, showing area, orientation, R value in their own online webform.

Is there a means of exporting directly from Archicad to REScheck/COMcheck?


It should be possible to extract then necessary data in to a schedule that would at least be helpful in filling out the REScheck forms. ... compliance

Where I live there in Oregon the REScheck evaluation is no longer valid.

Like all so-called "Green" industries and "Sustainable" programs, they are more about finding ways to extort money from us than to promote efficiency. The goal is not efficiency and economy, it is all about setting up their organization or government program so that you can not do business with out capitulating to their extortion.
There is perhaps no better example of this than "LEED"

This is like a hybrid multi-level marketing scam masquerading as some sort of ecologically beneficial organization. It is the exact opposite.

What counts is the efficiency of the building, not how may buffoons you had to pay to endorse it.
Steve Jepson wrote:...What counts is the efficiency of the building, not how may buffoons you had to pay to endorse it.

I couldn't agree more.. years ago you might have got away with this marketing/scam
Now days the codes/standards are very flexible with Compliance and Non-Compliance( and require professional licencing). e.g take structural design you have choices in the codes/standards on how to extract/use data..its all up to the engineer...They are licensed and trusted to deal with BIM Data.
Social media (Forums,Google+/Facebook), BIM, Optimized Data by apps can be delivered with precision..exciting times ahead for real engineers and contractors (who incidentally are all licensed not so designers)
Examples here ... 2205285216