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By monster
My wish is to make a tool for project versioning.
I imagine that you can choose an option for every element:
- common
- version 1
- version 2

If I have only two project variants I work with Renovation Tools,
and it works perfect, but some times I have to design 3 or more options.
Duplicating layers is not good thing and not what I'm looking for.

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By LaszloNagy
So you are basically wishing for Design Options.
Yes, it would be great. The Renovation Status is not meant for that purpose.
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By Erwin Edel
Why not use hotlinked modules?

You only need a master layer for the module, that can function as the toggle for on and off.

Depending on how elaborate the options get, that might work well?


A little more info about how I would set that up:

Make extra stories for the different versions in the original model. Draw the optional elements here, setup a publish set of these stories to publish to module file.

Place these hotlinks in the 'real' stories. Use masterlayer named option 1, option 2 etc for the modules. You can now toggle the option on and off. Using layercombinations and layer priority, you can make sure that elements don't interact with your model, if they shouldn't.

This way you keep everything in one model and with clever use of trace and reference you can work on the optional elements in relation to the rest of the model (with exception of the 3d window, obviously).
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By sityu
Erwin Edel wrote:Why not use hotlinked modules?

Actually, before the renovation status option I used to work with hotlinked modules for renovation plans. I had several files: the main file for the remaining parts, and this remaining part file was hotlinked to the demolition file, and the newly built file, too.
It worked. But it was far more difficult, than the new renovation feature.

I've also thought about that the renovation status (with a slight modification, development) would be extremely useful: for versioning (when you have to produce different variants), and even for time dependant versions of the same object (e.g.: solar shade open in summer, and closed in winter - in ecodesigner, it would be great), and for several other purposes.
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By Richard Morrison
You know, AC USED to have an Options Manager feature as an upgraded version. (10 years ago?) Then it quietly disappeared. What happened with that and are there any plans to bring it back?
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By LaszloNagy
I think that feature was part of ARCHICAD Constructor, which then became VICO (Virtual Constructor), then VICO Office. It probably still exists as part of VICO Office.
Someone correct me if I am wrong.