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hi GF,

we would like to generate reports with the data recorded in the BIM Manager with an external Reporting Software. (Stimulsoft)
Is there a way to get the data available ?

thx for info

Could you describe this in more detail.
What kind of information or reports do you want?
Do you want these exported from ARCHICAD? Or specifically from BIM Server/BIM Cloud?
Do you want some exported file that can be read by the other software?
hi laszlonagy,

we are setting up our access right policy and will have a relatively open approach to it. Means: All users of a certain role will have access to all projects. We make quarterly and monthly reports for your Management Board and want to document also certain aspects like:

- Did someone download more projects then the average - by a unusual high factor.
- Table of projects that have been modified in the [time period] sorted most active ...
- User / Projects Matrix with Info about defined action (like sent changes project)
- Project summary sheets with a selection of data.

As these documentations are printed and needed regularly we want to use our Reporting Software for it.

A file export from the BIMCloud would do the job - I think - as long as all required data is included.


rdgs, Florian