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It's the dashed lines that you want to move, not the solid ones. Treat the dashed lines like editing a slab edge. (i.e. don't try to move with the corner nodes, or it will get out of square and the markers will evaporate.)
Yep -- tried that -- doesn't do a [censored] thing to the limits of the Viewpoint.

I say it's a bug.

Thanks for your help, tho :)
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By Gus
This helped me a bit:

View/On-Screen View Options/Show Drafting & Editing Aids

I would love to see the statistics on how much time was spent learning to draft once in the old-days vs. time spent relearning how to draft every year nowadays.

Nothing raises my blood pressure like the Interior Elevation Tool.
When will Graphisoft stop adding flashy useless stuff for marketing, and some possible distant AI future (where we won't have jobs anyway), and start focusing on making the most commonly used tools intuitive?

We can't afford to spend all of our time learning how to use the same tools over and over again every year. Things like this are killing the profession, by stressing everyone out all day every day.

Sometimes I wonder if Graphisoft employs any actual working architects to explain how we use these tools in real life.
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By Gus
And now an interior window which used to be in my interior elevation just disappeared and I can't get it to show up in the IE, even though it shows up everywhere else. :oops: :evil: :shock: