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By KellyKDH
Every once in a while on a job we will try to publish to PDF and the name of the file will be renamed. For example, it's titled "2 FIRST FLOOR PLAN" and we publish it and get the note to "Double-click on the item in the list for details" and when we do we get the pop up saying "2 FIRST FLOOR PLAN was published successfully, but has been renamed as: 2 FIRST FLOOR PLAN_2.pdf" Why do some sheets do this and others don't? Would like to fix this issue and appreciate any help!
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By LaszloNagy
I might be wrong but I suppose this happens because among the items you publish there is another item called "2 FIRST FLOOR PLAN". So when the second so named item is published, it will be called "2 FIRST FLOOR PLAN_2" otherwise ARCHICAD would have to overwrite the other published item.
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By Steve Jepson
I just had some similar printing problems with renaming and also ruined a batch of prints with 4011. I used the the
Publisher to generate the .pdf's. They all had the borders cut off in one way or another before I got it stopped. I am printing direct from the Layout book to the printer now ( HP Designjet 800 ) looks good. I also just upgraded Adobe Acrobat yesterday so I am not sure what the problem is yet. The .pdf's look good on the screen. ?? Probably operator error of some kind.