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Hi, I have an issue in handling a simple painting process of an existing wall that will not be demolished in a renovation project.
Is it possible to handle properly the change of surface colors in the renovation filter (the changes of materials or simply the change of the surface that is over-written in the 3D view) so that they are visible in the different status of 3D view (existing and new) but that that there are no mistakes in the comparative plans (for example id you use the "demolition" and "new construction" of the wall)?

If it's not possible (that would be sad because this case is very common) what is the best workaround?
The renovation filters aren't really designed to manipulate the properties (i.e. surfaces) of individual elements.
They will simply hide, show entire elements or override properties for all elements in the model based on their renovation status - existing, new or to be demolished.

If you want to modify just one surface of one wall then it is best to tag it as 'to be demolished', hide in in the filter and then show a 'new' wall with the surfaces that you want with no overrides.

If you use overrides for the surface then all surfaces (front, back and sides) will be changed to the surface you set in the override filter.
You can set an element to use only a specific filter but still the override will affect all surfaces - hence you would still have to hide the 'to be demolished' wall and show a 'new' wall with the new surface you want.