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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to make a wish... I wish for Graphisoft to make a known bug page with suggested work arounds... could be operating system specific if it would help organize it.

I also think it would be great if each item got tagged with the update that fixes it, so you could check and see for yourself if what you are experiencing is an actual bug or some super annoying 3rd party unscrupulous modifier of invisible computer thingys that haunt your software while you sleep...

I think this would help tech support, because I wouldn't bug them if I could know it's already a thing... sort of like this forum helps us know when we're just not holding our lips just right... :wink:

And for those of you who like the idea, I did find some of that deep in the technical section of the website, but I wondered if it were a partial list... also would be cool if on the same page tech support could post general messages, like "yes we know Microsoft just pushed an update that's wrecking havoc!!" You could just check a "me too" box w/out having to pile on their phone lines/email ques...

what dya think? :lol: