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Import/Export to other CAD/BIM formats (DWG/DXF, IFC, SketchUp, 3DS etc.), spreadsheets, databases etc.

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We have our title blocks set on the master layouts via linked views. This way the title block is easily edited separately, and gets immediatelu updated to all master layouts.

This works fine for PDF, but when we export DWG:s (with the drawings in Model Space linked to Paper Space layouts), the autotexts will not display the sheet information.

Only saving the entire sheet in Model Space will save the autotext information. This is not an option though, because of the scaling issues for other designers using the DWG:s down the line.

This is a bug in the DWG-exporter?
Hi, this is a known bug. The Layout and Master Layout behaviour has been synchronized in ARCHICAD 18 and this causes the issue. If an auto-text is placed on a worksheet and the worksheet is linked to the Master Layout, the auto-text values will not be saved to dwg. It could also be argued that this is not a bug, since if the auto-text is placed on the Master layout directly, the problem does not persist.
Hello. This bug still persists in AC22, and is very frustrating when trying to correctly communicate DWGs (industry standard, right) to other team members, engineering offices, ...

I don't think this is a feature, especially since PDFs do export correctly...

Please fix (or at least offer the option in the translator)!
Thanks in advance
It can also be argued that having to put the same content on 20 or so different master layouts is a bit silly when you can do the same by placing one worksheet.

I do allways send PDF and DWG together, but it would be nice if the autotexts shows up in the export. Autotexts from Project Info do export, so there is no consistency either.

Things like client name, project number export fine, but then the layout name is missing.