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There are so many time I thought how useful it can be, to add isolation layers. In composite walls over all, but I think they should be there in every composite structure and complex profile too.
Some of the functionality to enable it seems to exist with offering partial structural display of models.

It would be very nice to have indeed.
We have been hoping for this for a while now..
Adding insulation to existing walls is an important part of our job!
And there is not a good workaround for this...

If you add the insulation as an extra wall, you
1. get into problems with window and door openings and connections (it is possible, but tedious and not flexible)
2. you lose ecodesigner functionality

If you demolish the existing composite and add a new composite with insulation, you
1. get faulty schedules
2. get flawed demolition plans

I'm a bit surprised that only 10 people have voted this as essential. I personally know 15 people here in the office who find this essential :wink:
Vote please!
@pitrak Absolutely true. This is what I exactly need, and I hoped that AC has some magical tricks to show/hide composite structures, but obviously AC isn't almighty :) So there is no some other ways more technical correct, but those two you described in your post, isn't it?