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By Gus
Is there any way to see a list of Embedded objects that also shows if that object is Used in the Project or not? This is because I want to delete all the embedded objects that are not used. When I try to do this in the Library Manager though I have to create the entire list then click every single one of them to see if it's used in the model, then hand write the name of the object (because you can't copy it) Then go back and delete them all using my list. If I don't do this and I try to delete them as I find them it requires me to "refresh" before it will show me if the object is used or not which takes forever to refresh over and over again.

Anyone else having this problem or see any way to fix this easily and quickly?

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By David Maudlin

Another option is to select the Embedded Library in the Library Manager, click the "I" icon (Information) on the lower right, it will show a list of the Placed Objects. You could take a screen shot of this to see which parts can be deleted.