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#251606's happened a few times.
Seems something happens with the preferences (of which I can not locate) to clean them out so the magic wand can start working again.

As of this moment, the magic want will not work when trying to select plines for creating mesh contour lines.

Please, help.
I'd still like to know how to clean out the preferences but for's a "workaround" that actually works.
Hi Rob,

In a case like this, where the keyboard command has stopped working, I would first start simple and close and re-open ARCHICAD. If that does not do it, restart the computer.

However if that does not clear out the issue you can try a New & Reset All command. This command will prompt you to save your current file and open a completely empty file, but also along the way it resets some preferences that might be hung up somewhere. Be sure to first store your current Work Environment if you have spent some time customizing it and arranging toolbars an palettes on your screen.

Instructions in these PDFs:
- Store and Export Work Environment.pdf
- New and Reset All.pdf

Afterward open your old file and see if the space-click works once more. Once satisfied you may re-apply your custom work environment as explained in the PDF.

Best regards,
I was hit with this issue today as well. And new and reset all did not fix it.

Any thoughts? I noticed this after I updated to 5005. But when I reverted to 4013 it still happened. Also happening in AC18 and AC17.

Could there be a corrupt preference file that isn't getting deleted?
For what ever it's worth, I just updated to 5005 and is works as expected for me.
Not sure what to tell you Jared.
it's annoying to say the least.
I've just resorted to using the "pull down" function of the magic wand instead of the actual magic wand.
Seems to occur when you mix different (old) AC versions into new files/profiles, etc...that's when it all comes apart.

I know a fellow GS guru helped me find where in the folder list I can remove/delete the old GS preferences and once you do that it resets it but not sure where to look.

I can't seem to find where that folder went.
Unless I missed deleting the preference folder, I've done all of that to no avail. Update to 5005, delete files, yell at my computer... I'm hoping i"m just missing something simple and small.
Okay, now it's working fine. Nuking the preferences was it. Unless something else over the past hour did it. I messed around with a bunch of stuff. Ugh. Thanks.
Okay, because helping others is more important than hiding my shame. I think I was forgetting to follow the proper process:

1. Select Mesh.
2. Select Mesh Tool.
3. Space+Click on Polyline to add nodes.

I think I was skipping Step 2. And I'd bet anything that's what happened to Rob. Even the best of us sometimes forget simple things. [censored] it.

Lesson learned.
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