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We had this issue in 18 and thought it had been resolved in a hotfix, but now it seems it has returned.

When working in a Teamwork file, users are getting prompts to connect to our file server every few minutes. If they are in the office, the dialog is pre-filled with one of the other users logins, if working remotely we get the spinning beachball for a minute or so, and then an alert that the server can not be found.

We've broken any active links to files or drawings on the server through the Drawing Manager.

There is one Hotlinked Module in the file, which is another Teamwork file.

This is killing our productivity. It is almost impossible to work remotely, every five minutes or so we get the spinning beachball for at least 60 seconds before it pops up a dialog saying it can't find the server.

We are on AC19 4013, Mac OS.
The file server it keeps trying to connect to is an SMB volume.

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.