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Anything special that an AC user should know if thinking about trying bluebeam?
It would be nice that the links in marker references could hyperlink across to other sheets (referenced drawings) in their PDF form (like BIMx).

I agree the price point compared to Adobe is good. I think acrobat is rather clumsy.

We have Revit consultants raving about bluebeam and I know nothing about it. I would like to hear about other's work in it.
I have split this topic into two because now that we are talking about the specifics of Bluebeam it needs to be in the Other Programs category.

So I heard similar things about Bluebeam: that it is a very powerful solution for PDF-based collaboration. And that it has really great growth potential as a company.

I know on YouTube and other places there are quite a few videos, clips and webinars detailing all the capabilities of Bluebeam so those are possible places to look at for detailed product information.

I had a similar thought that Nemetschek as a group would probably do well in the future if it provided connection to Bluebeam from all its flagship BIM products. It would probably strengthen the group as a whole.
By DGSketcher
Nemetschek need to sharpen up on their product retailers. I recently downloaded Solibri to look at the IFC collaboration. Next thing I know I have a big distributor on the phone not just trying to sell me a Solibri upgrade but also plugging Autodesk as hard as they could!!
By jim walls
laszlo, I will check out the youtube demos. It appears that in the Midwest (in US), contractors, estimators and AE's are finally becoming more paperless (less is more), and even interested in IFC files.
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By Steve Jepson
Besides being less expensive, how is Bluebeam any different than the Adobe Acrobat Pro ?
By Rogerdodge
It does way more than Adobe pro.
Although I use it, I only use the basic functionality, I have tried using the batch slip sheet feature, but it got a bit complicated for me, I also suspect that is geared for dealing with singular pdf sheets that would be produced by Auotodesk programs.
It is good for doing markups, measuring pdf's, you can snap to lines & calibrate for size. length & area calculations.
A lot of engineers use it for marking up & annotating architectural plans.
Download the trial & take it for a test drive.

Its worth having just so I don't have to have anything to do with Adobe customer services anymore.
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By Steve Jepson
Rogerdodge wrote:It does way more than Adobe pro....

Like what? I have been using the Adobe Acrobat Pro and Pro Extended for a long time. The last time I looked into Bluebeam was about 5 years ago and it looked to me like a pdf editor/reviewer for people who didn't have the functionality of the Pro or Extended versions of the Acrobat, LiveCycle docs, etc...

I am considering now if I should keep on working with the Acrobat Pro or try Bluebeam. But be fore I put too much time into it I want to know specifically what it does that I cant already do with the Acrobat Pro.

If it does "way more" than the Acrobat I am not surprised. If it does anything the Acrobat Pro and/or Pro Extended versions can do, I would like to know what that is.

If someone who was proficient with the Acrobat Pro and/or Pro Extended versions has switched to Bluebeam -- that would make a great review.

Adobe customer service? I have been using Adobe products for 25 years and have never had any reason to contact them.

My interest it not in a review tool. I am interested in what I can do to the .pdf's because that changes what I need to do with ArchiCAD.

It's never the ArchiCAD model/file I am selling. It's the PDF that is the deliverable end product. ArchiCAD is one of several tools I use to produce the end results.
By Rogerdodge
As i said, i dont use much of its functionality & i haven't used Adobe for a few years.
From what you have said & if you already have adobe its probably not worth you changing.
I had the choice as i needed to buy one or the other when i started out on my own.
See feature list below