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By brakpanpolisie
First things first,, I've been asking a lot of questions lately so thank you to everyone for your patience and help, the advice and experience on this forum is invaluable so just a quick thank you for everyone's patience and help!

On to my question :

I'm busy planning / setting up for a housing scheme project, about +-10 types of houses, maybe more, which will be placed on about 30 to 40 stands.

I'm planning to incorporate Link's method of using Mod files ie having one Main File with all my different house types on their own storeys and them publishing to Mods.
Also in this file I will complete each house types elevations and sections, complete with notes etc and linking the finished section/elevation to the house's particular site it will be placed on.

So in short, I will have (A) my main file with all my house types with completed sections /elevations and (B) a site specific file where I've taken a particular stand and Hotlinked a house type with sections/elevations to.

So my questions are:
- In the stand specific file with the Hotlinked house type, how can I have the particular section/elevation markers show up on plan?
- Also is the method of linking sections a good idea of working? I do not have that much experience in working with Mods and linking drawings so I want to find out if there any pitfalls I need to watch out for.

Thanks in advance
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By LaszloNagy
About the Section Markers: You will not be able to place a Marker that can be linked to a Section in another file. So you can place Unlinked Markers to indicate where the Section and Elevations are.

You can place Section Views located in File A (External Views) as Drawings on Layouts in File B.