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By Richard Morrison
I have a client who would like to use the BimX model with Oculus Rift glasses. What, if anything, needs to be done with the BimX file to get this to work? The documentation is pretty sparse on using VR glasses, although there is a promotional video touting this feature. I also see another thread mentioning Unity3D etc. as part of the workflow, but it is unclear why this is being used, or if it's even necessary.
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By methy
Hi Richard

There is an option in the BIMx settings to save it display as stereoscopic display mode which works for VR type headsets, phones with google cardboard etc.
also you can even use red cyan 3d glasses with the 3d anglyph mode

I havent tested them both myself yet but I came across the settings and they can be switched live from the bimx option menu within the bimx previewer
By RivaRivo
Hi all,
By my reckoning I believe BIMx has not support Oculus Rift connection.
And if you will use it with unreal you have to export AC model to unreal and then compile it as a game application which the selected video/console output is on Oculus Rift. It is a challenging process.

The other way is to use BIMx desktop + Virtualisation app + VR goggles.
1. Install virtualisation app both on desktop and mobile device (phone). Tab and iPad is not recommended as they are not fit on mobile VR goggles. You can use virtualisation app like: TeamViewer (use internet connection, but both pc and mobile device view are active); or Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol - RDP (this app use wifi connection, but only the mobile device is active).

2. Once the app is installed both on mobile device and PC (called server app), run BIMx on PC and start the stereo mode. Try to run it with keyboard.

3. When it works well, launch the virtualisation app. And connect the phone with the PC. After they are connected, back the view to BIMx.

4. And then put the mobile phone to the VR goggles. Move the walktrough with keyboard. Unfortunately, BIMx didn't allow other input device except keyboard and mouse. But if you have Bluetooth keyboard with a trackpad, it could come handy to operate while using the goggles.

Voila! Enjoy. 8)
By Studio 2PMArchitects
We agree it would be difficult to go from BIMx to Oculus Rift.

But it is actually very positive that it is easy to go from BIMx to Google Cardboard VR. In the latest BIMx app just switch to Google Cardboard mode, pop the phone in to Cardboard, and that's it - VR.

Although the quality of Oculus Rift or HTC Vive would be a bit higher, the expense is off putting for most clients. Whereas £15 on Google Cardboard is great, so credit to ArchiCAD for seeing this.

The workflow from other BIM software is not so straightforward. We've just written a post on this, and our experience of BIMx and VR. ... -projects/