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By barkeater
Im a new Archicad user...coming in from 20 years with vectorworks. Exited to see all the things vectorworks shoudl have had to us by now, in Archicad.

anway...KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS. first thing I do when learning is put critical keyboard shortcuts within reach of my left hand. Mainly on the left side of the keyboard so I dont have to take eyes off screen much. and because the mouse is in my right. does anyone have or is it even possible to load a file of keyboard shortcuts into my Archicad? preferrebly a left hand optimized one? :D
Hi Barkeater,
As far as I know there are no shortcut profiles set up for left handers but you can build your own in Work Environment - Keyboard Shortcuts under the Options Menu. I think it would be the preferred way to do this for a new user as you will see some of the options available. You can probably even map some commands to ArchiCad that you are used to coming from Vectorworks which may make your transition easier.

There is a free template with shortcuts available from Jared Banks on the Shoegnome site. if you want to have a look but I don't think they are for lefties.

As a new user you should set up a profile showing your platform and version of Archicad you are using for future questions as answers may be different.

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By s2art
I think most shortcut are set up for left hand anyway.

Go to Options> Work Environment> Keyboard Shortcuts and you will see a button at the bottom of the dialogue to "Show shortcut list in browser" so you will be able to find out what shortcuts are already assigned.

If you want to make your own custom shortcuts pick a command in the menu list (centre in previous dialogue) and click in the box where it says "Click here and press desired shortcut keys". Enter your shortcut. You will get a warning if the shortcut you have chosen is already assigned to another command. Once you have created your shortcuts save your scheme.
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