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I would like to buy a new PC my old one works ok but is slow with shadows even on small projects. And slow regenerating in elevation views.

i5@3,2Ghz (quad-core)
Nivdia quadro K620

New PC
i7@4,0Ghz (quad-core)
256GB SSD M.2
Nvidia quadro K620 (I would like to wait for the new PASCAL microarchitecture or maybe a game video card??)

Regenerating elevation views will this be faster with the new PC? And 3D shadows?
Would it be possible for you to ask the sales guys to let you install ARCHICAD on it and try it? Based on the specs, it is not possible to tell without knowing the exact type of your old and new CPU. What is the type behind i5 and i7? i5-2000 (such as i5-2600) series, 3000 series, 6000 series (e.g. i7-6700). These are different generations of Intel CPUs.
tjibbe wrote:I already ordered the New PC. If the PC has still slow updates on elevations I post in this topic.

The most likely you will not see any performance changes.
tjibbe wrote:Regenerating elevation views will this be faster with the new PC? And 3D shadows?

Yes! The CPU is used for generating views and shadows, so buy the best possible CPU with 4-6-8 cores!
I found the price between 4x4.0Ghz i7 and 6x3.5 Ghz Xeon to large. (€350 vs €600 and more expensive motherboard for the Xeon)

Two 4-core 3.6Ghz Xeon on a dual CPU motherboard was the best option in my opinion but still €700 more then 4-core at 4.0Ghz, This because the high price of dual CPU motherboards.
Just having a new hardware discussion with the bosses. and i'm trying to figure out whether to push for a high end graphics card or not. What processes are these used for?

This could mean the difference between 2 or 3 new PCs which is a big deal for a creaking system.
There is some firm guidance from Graphisoft on the selection of graphics cards to work with AC. I can't remember where it is just now but search these forums and you will see graphics cards are a popular topic. You can pay a lot of money and not see any benefit!!!