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By methy
my computer is far faster and more superior to my high end smart phone why can I not view complete BIMx hyper models on my PC?
Why is it limited to only tablets and smartphones
sure you can walk around the virtual model, but I want to see all the hyperlinked documents etc without having to upload it to a dropbox and view on a smartphone, it is actually more of a pain to have to do this not only for preview purposes but also when looking at other architects models
What is the reason it is not supported on Computer?
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By Barry Kelly
I know it is not quite the same but on a PC you have Archicad itself.

Another reason may be that many PCs don't have the touch screen input that BIMx on a smart devices relies on.

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By David Collins
This is a looooong-standing wish, but I'm happy to vote 'essential' for it one more time. We've said it again and again: you should at least be able to check the hypermodel on the desktop before you send it out to iOS.

I think the restriction has more to do with the (rapacious) licensing scheme than any restriction imposed by the (really dumb) touch screens.

I actually would like to see the BIMx hyper model become be the main User Interface in ArchiCAD. Fool that I am, I was hoping this would be the main new feature in ArchiCAD 20.