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By jbaur
The basic question I ask myself several times a day: Why can an element (wall, line, etc.) only be on one layer at a time?

Right now, layers are structured in a flat way, and every element can only exist once. To improve element organization, Graphisoft has implemented parallel systems (e.g. structural role, renovation status, etc.). This makes sense in many cases, but not in all. Additionally, it is extremely rigid as a system. The result is wide range of trees that make it hard to navigate and most users I know never really use all organizing functions because they simply do not know them.

Now, you could look at all those "organization systems" as tags to the element. The only problem is, that I can not (or only with work-arounds) create my own tags and organize them as I wish.

The best-case would be, to have a new tag system parallel to all existing organizing systems. There would only be two parts to this new system: a) Unlimited tags to every element and b) an open onthology where I can structure my tags and by that give them a meaning.

This would be the most powerful new function to Archicad in many years and a huge step forward into really open, flexible design work.