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By arqrivas
It will be nice that the zone stamp could have different position and size, and show different info depending on the view.
Example, in the ceiling plan I could show the name and high value, in the layout plan, I'll show the name with the Sf of the zone, in the finishing plans I'll show the name with the finishing I'm having in the zone, etc.

And also having the ability to show it on Sections and Interior Elevations.
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By Da3dalus
Perhaps Graphisoft should just buy and incorporate MasterScript's Total Zone. It rocks! Highly recommended. Every model view can look different.
By ilchianti
I'd even be happy if the label tool could access zone variables.

That way we could have a linked label on a layer that called out the information we wanted to display that was attached to the zone.

That way we could have a label that calls out occupancy counts linked to the zone, and only have it show up on the code plan.