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By Brian Gilliland
I am working in AC20. When I go to publish a BIMx file it gives me a error that the thumbnail image was not created. Then it processes the file and all I get is sky. A message appears in the sky that says "The Hyper-model does not include 3D models. The 2D documentation included can only be viewed on BIMx mobile app."

Why is it failing to create the 3D model?
By jffgrffn
I'm experiencing the same issue that Brian described. I can confirm that the BIMx publisher set includes a 3D View. While it's publishing, the 3D View and the "Saving BIMx Info" items (on the progress window) show a red X and indicate a "Failed" status. When I double click on these in the progress window, a dialog box appears that says "Publishing of the item failed because ARCHICAD was unable to generate it." The 3D view displays correctly in my View Map, so I'm not sure why it's unable to be generated when publishing to BIMx. I've included a screen shot showing what I've attempted to describe.
BIMx Error.JPG
By Richard Molnar
Hi all,

I'm experiencing the same. What is more frustrating is that I experience on a project file where there was no problem to create BIMx hyper-model a week ago and I only added more items to the set since then. Very frustrating.

If anyone nows the cause or a solution that would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Weird but when I restarted AC20 and tried again I didn't get the message and made the BIMx Hyper-model without a problem.
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By methy
I am also having the same problem, I generated 2 bimx model earlier this morning without issues, and now that I have made amendments in archicad and going to republish the bimx it wont publish the 3d model i tried deleting the original bimx files so as not to overwrite, same problem, I tried generating a completely new bimx model with a different name publishing the model by itself without layouts and then again with layouts, it doesnt make any difference if I use archicads File>Publish BIMx Hyper Model or if I try generating it from the publisher/ layout book all have the same problem.

I will now try a restart...
Looks to have fixed it with computer restart (or archicad restart)
although seems a bit of a bug to have to do this!?
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By KatalinBorszeki
Hi ALl,
please post the following screenshots so that we can better understand the issue:
screenshot #1: what items are selected in Navigator/Organizer to be published screenshot #2: what items are published in the Publisher window (green check marks)
Thanks, k
By balciselim
Hi .. my archicad 20 file menu does not have bimx hyper menu. Rather it looks dim. I can not make a choice. Could you help me with this.
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By ares997
My Theory:

Make sure there are no spaces in the file name of the location where you are saving the file.

For example:

c:\superCPU\firstname lastname\projectname.bimx


The spaces will mess up the processing of the files.
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By toofuerte
I am having the same error when publishing some BIMx models. The latest is a simple model. I don't have any error messages form the model. I tried the previous mentioning the space in the name, that didn't help.

I am uploading a picture from the publishing window showing the x in the window and one that shows the error message.
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By ares997
I restarted my cpu and also changed the location of where the file is saved and it seemed to fix the problem.