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By LaszloNagy
GRAPHISOFT today announced a new update for BIMx.
The most important news is that 2D/3D Hypermodel is available even in BIMx, so you don't have to buy BIMx PRO to have this capability.
The press release: ... where.html
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By Stephen Dolbee
What is the best way to "share" a hyper model? Can I simply email it to someone who has the latest bimx app? I used to do that successfully with just the 3d model. But, I tried this with a published hyper model and it doesn't download at the other end. Any suggestions?
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By Erwin Edel
Awesome news! :)

Can't wait to try this stuff out finally across '4' platforms (OSX, iOS, windows and android) being used in our office.
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By gpowless
The caveat to this announcement is that Android devices do not have all the same capabilities and controls as IOS. This disappoints me because I paid for the Android Pro version and would expect it to mimic the IPad/IOS verion.

Please change the Android app quickly.
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By Erwin Edel
I can't find any missing features at a first glance between iPad and my Sony tablet running Android 5.1.1.

Did you update the app?
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By rob2218
So...I know one guru here posted a link on a series of 4 youtube videos that (ahem) explain how to share the hyper-model but 's very cryptic.

Seems that I have not a clue how to "see" my hypermodel in my list.
I'm registered in the site.
I'm a registered Graphisoft client.
I have my own copy of Archicad 20 - legal copy.
Yet....Its very confusing how to load up the model to where and how to send the link to the clients.
My BIMx Model loader kinda just stalls....sits there...don't know if it's actually doing anything. Then a day or two later I get some sort of an email but I'm not sure if it's the latest model or not.
I'm excited about the Google Cardboard and have used it on smaller projects but it's always some sort of voo-doo BIM when comes to understanding "exactly" where these models reside and how I can get a direct link to the clients.